Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Wu yifan's freestyle to fly self

Recently, wu yifan's freestyle was inexplicably hot.
The reason is that he chooses students in "China has hip-hop" and often asks if anyone has a freestyle. (source see watermark)
Freestyle refers to the improvisation in rap, which tests the level of the rapper.
Then there is the up Lord to cut out the freestyle in the "the seventy-two story building", one of which is wu yifan's dialect rap, cheap jerseysthe image is quite magical, comparable to wuli towers "dog belt".
"It's long and wide, like this bowl it's big and round!"
In fact, it's impossible to express how wonderful this rap is, and suggest to search for video.
To be true, if I hadn't studied wu yifan carefully, I probably wouldn't have imagined that he would have released himself in the variety show.
Wu yifan has a nickname in "the seventy-two story building", which is called "flicker", because he always plays the small and clever to cheat his teammates.
In one episode, guests chose the number at will, and wu yifan first chose the "8".
Then he saw that there was a super good prop on number 3, and he immediately came out and said he was number three.
The result was unmercilessly exposed by zhao liying. Tut, but no one else was able to respond.
And when he met wu lei, the brother of three stone, two people "thundered the ground fire", that call a co-production.
They formed a group called "wu's love wu yi", love together to cheat others.
One task is to separate the rice and soybeans that are mixed together. Wu lei and wu yifan are left with a lot of rice in the yellow bean.
So the beginning of the beginning.
Wu said this is the new formula:
Then wu yifan began to make "into science," saying that the ratio of soybeans to rice was 9.82:0.18, which is the perfect golden ratio.
You must also add this "persuasive" expression.
Serious nonsense, suit!
Wu yifan and wu lei also discussed privately, cheap snapback hatsregardless of how to first default two people in a team, if found not a team, use "elephant" as the breaking code.
Later, wu yifan cried out "elephant" for zhao liying, and he explained to the crowd that I had been with him.
Elephant: who is the cue me?
Wu yifan's performance in the variety show is very different from the "tall top" that he usually shows, but wu yifan is still a little fresh when he is updated with Lin.
Have seen a question before, ask Lin to update whether the most unencumbrable, the most unkempt one of the small life?
I can tell you responsibly, yes.
Recently he has been a big fan of yue in the "chuqiao", and many girls are fascinated by his cool and handsome appearance.
At this time, I think whoever wants to expand a few minutes, pick up a little idol burden?
As a result, Lin posted a tweet saying that he was "insulted" by a message that had been broken by a honeydew.
Take a closer look at this picture, it's the men's urinals!!!
So, when the dog came to the toilet and saw the funny sign, he took out his cell phone and took a picture.
It's amazing that Lin updates this guy.
His role in the play was high and cold, wholesale jerseys chinabut the director called "ka" and he was completely out of touch with "high cold".
And zhao liying to the play, yingbao affectionately call a "son", result Lin updated answer: the son is picking a foot.
To write seriously, and teach yingbao, to have a pattern;
The result is...
Lin's update and zhao liying are definitely a good couple to kill each other in the catkins of chu qiao.
The Lin dog hates yingbao too heavy to carry; (this paragraph needs to imagine the northeast dialect of the dog.)
Yingbao gives the nickname of "Lin dog" :
In real life - blind your dog's eye!
Actually, this nickname is really coming from himself.
Before that, the whole class was "dog".
Most of all, he once deceived international friends Lin yun, saying you also believe in Lin, so you are also "Lin dog".
Lin yun:???
But Lin's update is very much like his nickname, the last time he went to the ah wedding with gao yu-yuan, and he said that he was walking the dog!
Lin's variety of variety is not very much, but each time can contribute a lot of jokes.
I just ate the garlic, please be careful.
Result Lin to update a sentence: I eat excrement!
The crowd looked incredulously, and he repeated: me! Eat! Shit!!! !
Would you like to show it to me?
In another variety, "the ice and snow king", cheap mlb hatshe described the animated film "snow boy" as "ghost" :
"I was terrified when I was a child," it said.
"Snow children", friends, a sentimental animated film, how to be in the world of Lin update, became "ghost movie"?
In "please the wardrobe," Lin has taken the "unkempt" to the extreme.
First of all, none of the clothes in his wardrobe were hanging, and they were folded in a cupboard.
Then, he had many clothes that had never been washed.
Even the ball...
Well, it really reflects his daily life.
He always wears clothes that he likes simple, athletic and comfortable.
So there is a lot of people who meet him at inexpensive clothing stores such as uniqlo and H&M.
Once a netizen said something about this: once Lin updated to Taiwan to play, said to buy clothes, local company accompany him to Chen guanxi's popular logo store. After the dog went, he found a T-shirt worth more than 700 yuan and angrily left, and bought two hundred t-shirts from uniqlo next door!
I don't know if it's true, but it's quite a dog's personality.
Lin's updates are usually cut, and the 20 yuan can "kill him".
He also bought a fake iPhone, explaining that he didn't buy the original.
Well, you're not a star!
You can't help but be curious about this. Lin has been updated in the entertainment industry for so long, cheap nfl jerseyswhere does the money go?
The answer is - play games and buy skin!
He has a famous saying: life without skin is not perfect.
Still be in fan group to think oneself in the future have wife's life: wife adult, can buy a Anne's new skin for me?
Like a fine score.
But don't look at the lin-dog, he's a dead man.
He has made public appearances on multiple occasions that he is handsome.
He recently changed his avatar.
It used to be the picture of the dog:
Now I have this one:
Maybe a little bit of an idol consciousness? But this straight man aesthetic is too drunk!
But the most dramatic thing is the name of his studio, the Shanghai film and television culture studio.
Ok, I know you're a 900 million girl dream!
Now that it's a little off, why do the dogs come off at a critical time?
According to zhao liying, Lin will be shy after kissing the scene.
There was a kiss between chuqiao and yuwen yue. After that, the dog ran away with his face in his face.
Imagine a shy, reclusive dog
If you say so much, you have to get back to a question --
Why do so many people like Lin's updates?
I think not only because he doesn't sell people, but because he's real.
He plays the game to eat spicy dry tofu, Cheap wholesale jerseyshe eats fast food to wear the cheap street roll, he funny show MOE is also very grounding gas.
It's just like the people around us.
It would be a pleasure to be friends with Lin.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

On Marriage

Today one sentence in a book “Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry” I’m reading now inspires me to think a lot about marriage.

“She felt she had become both one-dimensional and more fragile.” wholesale jerseys, That’s what came across Maureen’s mind when she met his husband Harold on his pilgrimage and surprised by how much he’d changed. Once Harold and Maureen had both lived in regrets and agonies after their only son committed suicide. However, with Harold's walk going, he had changed. Gradually he’d learned to let go and finally went out of the past. He’d grown to be a better person, more confident, more determined, and more open-minded. Meanwhile Maureen still stayed where she was. Perhaps it’s lucky that Harold was already 65 years old or to be frankly, I’m not sure where this relationship would end up with.

As children, we were fed up with enough fairy stories with “happily-forever-together “endings. But life is not a fairy tale. In real life, it takes tons of efforts from both parties and a bit lucky to have a happily-forever-together ending. For couples, it perhaps is a lifelong learning project.

Believe or not, love dies, perhaps love dies more quickly than you could imagine. To reignite the fire, the first rule is never to lose yourself and always keep going forward with your partner. I’ve heard many stories about those divorced wives. After spending their entire life taking care of their husbands and kids, they had to face with a cruel reality: being abandoned, and meanwhile unable to fit into the society. Ironically, after all their sacrifices, cheap mlb hatstheir husbands have tons of ground reasons for divorce: She’s not the one I once loved. We have nothing in common now. She doesn’t understand a thing about my life and career. Except the mundanity of the life, she knows nothing. I don’t even know how to make a proper talk with her!” In a word, these wives have all become one-dimensional.

It’s unfair, even ugly but it’s the reality. As women, we are more likely to be weighed down by the mundanity of the life and the huge commitment of taking care of our kids.  But none of these should become the excuse of not going forward. Marriage is not a competition, but a gap is a gap, no matter how it has appeared, it is still a danger for a relationship.  Of course, maintaining a marriage should not be the only reason to better ourselves. It’s just something we should never give up trying.

It’s not easy. I am a working mother with a 9-year-old son and a husband who is a housechore virgin and who has a busy job. Every day I live like fighting a war, fighting to find the balance between my job, my family and myself. Still, Each day I manage some time for learning. I got to know many mums like me online through Learning English.  When they are speaking English, I could often hear baby’s crying, giggling in the background. One of them has to get up at 5 o'clock every morning so that she could spare sometime for English. How do we get the time for learning? ---use time on the way to work, get up early, cheap nfl jerseyslistening to English while doing house chores and taking care of kids----you can always find way only if you try hard enough.

Love Affair

Every relationship can give us some enlightenment.  My first love started when I was in high school and lasted for 5 years, cheap jerseysalthough it ended up with a sad ending but it teach me a lot of lessons.
I learn that in a relationship two persons need to give each other some personal space, I always want to own all the pleasure anger sorrow and joy of the beloved one. but I found that the more I care about the worse things will became. and I have lost myself in the last. so the second lesson I learn is that in a relationship two persons need to keep their own personality. the most terrible and dangerous thing is that you lost and give up yourself which result in the situation that you can't be yourself.  the most ideal and healthy state of a relationship is that two lovers all keep their own personality in the process of adjusting to each other. only when you learn to love yourself can you love others. own the ability of forgiveness and the ability of loving others is also very important. take the TV serial 'The Ode to Joy' for example, I don't think that Qi Dian has the ability of loving others. because he always remind Andy that she may inherit her mother's illness in his speech. so in a relationship own the ability of speaking skill is very important. HAHA, it seems that I have missed the point, cheap snapback hatsso many words to say but I need to leave some words for my next blog.  yeah, I am a lazy girl.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The cavaliers scorned mackey

According to "fansided" report, although the finals has yet to start, cheap nba hatsbut the knight's side have call, a player said on condition of anonymity knight, he thinks mackey IQ and not enough to adapt to the NBA finals.
Mackey had done well
Winderhorst, a reporter for ESPNJ, wrote that mackey could be an X factor in the finals. But the cavaliers didn't think so, according to another ESPN reporter, McMahon.
"An unnamed knight players, don't agree with you maggie, Brian (note, wind horst). He told me that he didn't even think maggie could play in the finals, or won't stay too long on the pitch, because in the eyes of the knight player, mackey's IQ is not enough to cope with the finals so cruel duel."
From the point of counterpoint, Aaron McKie and Thompson, or love in the paint battle exciting, and after the playoffs, cheap nfl fitted hatsmackey has become a dream to protect the basket. When McGee was on the pitch, the warriors could lose 26.3 points per 100 points.
At the same time in the playoffs, maggie can get 7 points and 3.2 rebounds 3.2 blocked shots, it should be pointed out that, mackay is averaging only 10.5 minutes play time, high efficiency, he and Mr Chu in propping up the inside of the mighty.
Last summer, Aaron McKie and warriors reach a period of 1 year, $1.403 million contract, with the performance of the season, mackey, 29, is expected to get a lucrative contract in the summer. cheap nfl snapback hatsIf he can give the warriors enough help in the finals, his worth will surely continue to rise.

The eighth final

As the son of one of the few chosen in basketball history, in 2003, when lebron James just coming into the league, cheap nhl jerseyshe quickly became the national media, fans, and all the focus of the personage inside course of study. It was almost the first time he was in the NBA, and he was compared to Jordan and Bryant. He has also been a career goal of the NBA.
James scored 25 points, 9 assists and 6 rebounds in the first game of the game against the king, and he hit a whopping 60 percent. After that, James was selected for the all-star team, winning rookie of the year for just two years.
But in the first seven seasons of his career, James was as distant as the champion. In addition to the first two years, the team made the playoffs in five years. But every time, he tasted the bitterness of failure. Career in 2007, huang zhan rate team to the NBA finals for the first time, in the face of strong the spurs, he didn't do more resistance is swept, and only leave memories of that year, cheap ncaa jerseysonly the sentence as Duncan than curse "is your" future quotes.
Then, in 2010, James made his first decision to shock the league. He announced on television that he would leave the cavaliers and bring talent to the heat. Almost from that moment on, there was another traitor's label.
James's early experience in Miami was hardly a smooth one. When he joined the heat for the first season, he led the team to the finals. But in the finals, the emperor was completely lost and missed his first chance to reach the top spot. Soft eggs, fake cores, and similar sarcasm came in the summer.
Under heavy pressure, James was in a state of mind. But luckily, he survived. A year later, the heat beat the thunder in the NBA finals, and after nine years of waiting, James finally won the first trophy of his career. Then, in 2013, the heat narrowly beat the SAN Antonio spurs in a seven-game series, cheap soccer jerseysgiving him the taste of defending his title.
However, unlike Jordan, who has been in the finals for six times, the trip to the finals is far from smooth. Not this year, he has been in the finals for six consecutive years, but only three times. Not only that, but in 2014, in order to continue the championship, he made another decision to abandon Miami and return to Cleveland.
Now, James is back on stage in the NBA finals with the defending champion. It's been the seventh consecutive year that he has been killed in the finals, a sign that neither Bryant nor Jordan has ever done. James continued to make history in the playoffs this year, with the final of the eastern conference in the final game of the eastern conference,  which was the top spot in history. In addition, he has become the first player in NBA history to represent the two teams in four finals.
In the face of today's warriors, though, the knight ACTS as a dog. For all the odds, the bookmakers' odds are still against the cavaliers. But back in the final two years of experience, back jan emperor career twists and turns, cheap MLB Hats,but no one dared to jg huang and his team have no undervalued, more no one dare to continue to chase a championship on James's determination to any contempt.

Owen: taught brown is a learning experience

Owen says he regrets his relationship with brown, cheap mlb jerseyswho is now the interim head coach of the warriors, who will be in the finals this year. "It was a learning experience, at least," he said. "I'm kind of sad because he just wanted to teach me a lot of things," Owen said. "I was 21 and I don't understand."
Brown coached Owen for a season (2013-14) when brown asked Owen to change his game, causing tension between the two. And in that season, brown also advocated for Owen. Knights of the end result is that no trading Michael Owen, but in the end of the season after laying off brown, part of the reason is if he is still a knight's coach, then Owen will not renew the contract. So the cavaliers had to take David blatt to replace him, and Owen agreed to sign a five-year contract worth $80 million.
"I understand that sometimes in this league, whether under control or uncontrolled, things happen." Owen says, "I'm just a 21 year old child, just want to lead a team, he is a new manager, I have to adapt to the new offense, new teammates, cheap nba jerseysand the new system."
Brown, of course, also coached knight had successful experiences, but in the summer of 2010, when James traveled to Miami's decision, after he was fired by the knight. "A lot of people talked to me about it, maybe I have different opinions, because the knight two fired me, now it is time to return them or have additional power?" Brown said, "no, I just want to win. Who is I don't care, I just want to be a part of the process of winning, was the last on the highest podium part of the team."
After the pointer to pick up the knight, and then knight general manager Chris brown grant start planning how to let James back, the knight was a with Owen, Tristan da cunha Thompson and duhem - vitesse as the core of young players, and there are a large number of picks can deal. Later knights picks and vitesse trading is out, and Kevin love, j.r. Smith and iman - sweet alpert, but grant and brown is not there already. Then in the summer of 2014, James returned to the knight.
But Mr Brown insists there is no "hostile" relationship between him and the knight. "Where I have fond memories of, nfl jerseys cheapbecause of the good friend grant back there again, and see their implementation of the plan, and achieved very good results." "But the reality is I'm part of the warriors."

The lakers are willing to trade clarkson

The finals are about to hit, but it doesn't have anything to do with the lakers. They're about deals and picks. Today, cheap nfl hatsit is revealed that the lakers are likely to send clarkson soon.
The lakers are happy to listen to clarkson's offer, according to the news from the basketballing expert mok-hamilton.
"I know there from understanding the situation of insider, the lakers now more open to trade clarkson's attitude, the fastest may be sent away on draft night, if really happened, don't be surprised," Hamilton said.
Clarkson is to rebuild the lakers in the era of young core, one of his performance in the lakers' is fairly good, but as the magic Johnson, palin card and others become a new top, the lakers the team some future directions have also changed, replica oakley sunglassesthe magician has said publicly that the media before the lakers now only one person in our squad is not for sale, and he is Ingram.
Clarkson was over the age of 25, he and the lakers has three years left on his contract, worth $37.5 million, given the current environment of NBA salary increases, the contract is still very cost-effective, should appeal to many teams.
This season is the third season in the NBA, clarkson as a second-round pick, he has proved himself, he played in 82 games this season, averaging 29.2 minutes, 14.7 points and 3 rebounds, 2.6 assists and 1.1 steals.
The lakers now also have a draft pick for this year's draft, which is a big deal, and of course, the lakers are more likely to use it. They are likely to choose Paul Bauer of the university of California, nfl jerseys cheapLos Angeles. The specific draft results could also affect the direction of the transaction.